Day 2 #blackandwhitechallenge by Adam Pretty

#blackandwhitechallenge - day 2

This picture is of one of my best friends from school who also happened to be an unbelievable athlete - Ben Ebel. It was taken almost 20 years ago, early 1995 at the newly opened Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre in Homebush.  And is still one of my favourite ever pictures, and goes to show you don't really improve with age, although you gotta keep trying!

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European Swimming Championships - Berlin 2014 by Adam Pretty

I tried to experiment with some new angles and camera positions this time out, and the detail and size of the raw file that was produced really helped cut through a lot of water haze and helped me capture some images that were previously out of reach.

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red bull racing hockenheim/monza 2014 by Adam Pretty

I spent the Hokkenheim and Monza F1 race weekends in and out of the Red Bull Racing and Torro Rosso garages, capturing some behind the scenes images of the drivers and crews. Amazing access and definitely a high adrenaline place to have been allowed to work! what a privilege.

Check out the series on Sebastian Vettel in my new work:

A big thanks to Thommo @F1Thommo for all the introductions to the drivers and team and keeping me alive!

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