Day 4 #blackandwhitechallenge / by Adam Pretty

This picture is fresh out of the camera (relatively) and this is the first time I have shown it. I was in Thailand with my mate Chris Hyde shooting a Sprite commercial produced by Noah Weinzweig at Teneighty productions.  We had the privilege of working with unbelievable flyboarder - Bo Krook.  Once we had finished shooting for the commercial we had about 5 minutes light left, and as it turned out about 3 minutes left of fuel in the jet ski. Fortunately it was enough to get a few images of a sport I had never seen before, and hope to try one day as it does look pretty damn fun! but slightly scary from my point of view, as to capture the images I was treading water around 10m underneath Bo doing backflips and other crazy quick manoeuvres, right overhead. Please check out some more of the images here:

and also check out some footage of Bo Krook:

Also I would like to mention the amazing Actress/Singer Meesha Shafi as well, who was the star of the commercial and had around 2 hours of lessons on a flyboard and then had to perform for the camera on something that does seem slightly out of control, and dare I say it a little risky.

Today I nominate Clive Rose who as much as it pains him, does agree that black and white is sometimes pretty OK